Stop Dieting and Start Eating Intuitively

Learn how to develop freedom from food rules, have better body image and trust your body by working virtually with a non-diet registered dietitian!

Welcome to Intuitively Nourished!

Are you someone who:

  • Wants to stop being afraid of certain foods so you can go grocery shopping without anxiety?
  • Desires having better body image so you can stop stressing about how you look when out with friends?
  • Would like to learn how to trust your body’s cues to avoid feeling uncomfortably full?

If this sounds like you, find out how Kourtney can help you achieve food freedom, better body image and trust in your body!

Freedom from food rules makes life more fun

When no longer worried about following food rules, such as not eating after 8:00 or avoiding carbs, you’re free to enjoy life! That might mean you can truly have fun when out to eat with loved ones, possess more mental space to pursue creative hobbies or cook your favorite foods without guilt.

Having better body image allows you to be present

When you’re no longer preoccupied with how you look or how you think others see you, it’s possible to actually listen to your friend during a conversation, apply for that job position where you’ll be more visible or go to the beach and not worry the entire time about how you look in a swimsuit.

Trusting your body makes meeting its needs possible

Our bodies constantly send us useful information. Listening to and trusting these messages allows us to find foods that keep us satisfied, avoid extreme hunger and eat without experiencing uncomfortable fullness.